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Recognised by the UGC under sections 2(f) & 12(B) of the UGC Act
Accredited by the NAAC with Grade 'A+'
Quality Assurance happens to be a continuous process and pursuit of high quality is the hallmark of progressive educational institutions. For this purpose, a Centre for Quality Management (CQM) was created in MIER. The centre successfully obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification for Model Academy in 2004, MIER College of Education in 2005 and Model Institute of Engineering & Technology (MIET) in 2006. The two departments of MIET (Computer Science Engineering and Electronics & Communication Engineering) also stand accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA).

MIER College of Education became the first college in Jammu to volunteer for accreditation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and attained ‘A’ Grade in 2006 after having met stringent quality parameters.

As a post-accreditation quality sustenance measure as prescribed by the NAAC, the college established the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) under the auspices of the MIER College of Education in May 2006. The IQAC being an integral part of the college works towards realizing the goals of quality enhancement by developing a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in different aspects of functioning of the college.

The IQAC assures the stakeholders i.e., students, parents, teachers, staff, would be employers, funding agencies and society in general - of the accountability and transparency in the quality management system of the institution and its concern for ensuring quality of education being imparted. The IQAC happens to be an important component of the Centre for Quality Management of MIER group which ensures quality and continuous improvement in all the units of MIER.


1. To ensure maintenance of quality as per the standards enforced by various accrediting agencies like NAAC and ISO.
2. To chalk out the plan of action at the beginning of the year, conduct mid-session reviews and the outcome achieved at the end of the year towards quality enhancement.
3. To conduct periodic internal audits for reviewing the quality management system.
4. To maintain a liaison and establish network with individuals and organizations connected with quality assurance in the field of education.
5 To collect feedback from the students regarding various facilities and services being provided in the college and make improvements in the light of the feedback.
6. To disseminate information on quality aspects and innovative practices through workshops, seminars, conferences, guest lectures, training programmes and promotion of quality circles
7. To ensure effective implementation of quality processes with proper documentation as enshrined in the quality manual.
8. To furnish progress reports to the accrediting agencies regarding the achievements and continuous improvement of the college in terms of quality standards.
9. To provide consultancy for quality assurance in collaboration with other institutions and accrediting agencies.


1. Development and application of quality benchmarks/parameters to evaluate various activities of the college.
2. Preparation and submission of Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) annually for which the achievements made by the college towards quality enhancement has been appreciated by the NAAC.
3. Conducted two-days “Certified Internal Auditor Course on ISO9001:2008” in collaboration with an external auditing agency. 4. The IQAC has helped in better and efficient functioning and performance of the college in different spheres of activities on the basis of the valuable feedback received from students, faculty and parents.
5. An International Conference on “Quality Assurance in Educational Research” in collaboration with AIAER has been organized by the college.
6. A NAAC sponsored National Conference on “Improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Issues, Practices and Assessment” has also been organized by the college.
7. The IQAC has been instrumental in introducing innovative practices like practicum sessions, use of ICT in teaching and learning and continuous feedback system which have won appreciation.
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